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Regular grid power is expensive, erratic and unreliable, so why not become a power producer yourself, by using roof top solar system. Be free of this dependence on your state electricity board and switch to solar power which is clean and far more reliable.

Sol’en’Power can use your roof space, or any unused land, to install solar panels that will produce electricity and feed it into the grid, or store in batteries. The solar panels have an expected life of 25 years and your roof top solar system can give you free power during this period.

The system hardly requires any maintenance and you are hedged against power price rise for the entire life of the system. And with financial incentives such as accelerated Depreciation, this it is truly a “win-win” proposition.

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Sol’en’Power is a MNRE, MEDA, SOLAE eTRIBE Channel Partner company based in Nagpur. Our aim is to promote the Green energy to save the environment from the side effect of fossil fuel consumption. We believe that we should utilize the sun power as much as possible instead of conventional resources. Because its absolutely free and unlimited.

  • Dedicated Installation Team and service support.
  • Technically competent staff.
  • Experience of execution of total 300 KW ON GRID Solar system.

Generate Your Own Power Using Solar

Become your own power producer using solar power and be free of the dependence on your state electricity board. Turn your roof into a power plant. Use your roof space or any unused land to install solar panels that will produce electricity and feed it into the grid or store in batteries. Most state in India now have a comprehensive rooftop solar policy and you can use the power produced from your own rooftop solar system for self use. Many states have implemented “net metering” which means that you can feed the solar power produced during the day back into the grid and your electricity meter will run in reverse. Depending on your consumption and rooftop space, you can become free of utility power and enjoy “free solar energy for life”. You can monitor the performance and output from your solar power plant real time through our software, or even on ur smart phones.

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Solar Power Advantages

  • The solar panels have an expected life of 25 years and your rooftop solar systems can give you free power during this period.
  • Recover your investment with in 4 to 5 years and make your electricity bill zero thereafter up to the 25 years.
  • You are protected against future power price rises for the entire life of the system i.e. 25 years.
  • Negligible maintenance.
  • Solar power is clean & reliable, A 1 KW solar PV system can save more than 1 ton of Co2 emission per year. If we were to all start using solar energy, the environmental impact can be staggering and we can save our beautiful planet for our future generation.
  • Financial incentives such as accelerated depreciation and it is truly a”WIN-WIN” proposition.

Solar power plant Scope

can be install & used in

How Solar Works

With solar, you can harness the power today.

Solar offers an economical power source with obvious environmental benefits, but the up front cost of buying and installing a systems keeps many from comming. Solar RESCO offers a right alternave to owning a solar system. With affordable opons to fit every budget, leasing provides risk-free and worryfree access to solar today.


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Details of PPA

Project Size

100kw to 5MW (Project will be in company permises)

terms of PPA

25 Years

Customer Segments

Commercial / Industrial / Education Institutions

Solar Tariff

5.5 to 7 per unit (Annual escalation of 3-5%)


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